4 things that might be holding you back from love!

Trey Hamilton
5 min readMar 6, 2022

1. Stupid games and silly rules

I always laugh and simultaneously shake my head when I hear from these terrible so-called dating experts talking about “text rules”, “when to call rules and telling you when to have sex. The whole premise of this kind of advice is completely laughable and very embarrassing.


Because when you meet the right person chances are they’re probably not going to play any games and neither will you. When someone is serious and I mean genuine about wanting to enjoy life with someone they don’t need to feed into or participate in silly games that are built or manifest to only protect one’s ego. Or to throw up 100s of walls unnecessarily as if that’s going to somehow protect them from being hurt.

The reality is people who genuinely want to get to know each other leave all doors open to getting hurt. That’s the only you can leave all doors open to fall in love. It’s a two-way street and can never be so one-sided. You don’t get to hold up emotional barriers and somehow fall in love. It doesn’t work that way.

Vulnerability will always be the key to truly getting to know someone.

Playing by some stupid prescribed rule book some stranger has given you will never work.

2. Thinking you’re “All that”

You’re a great person. Your parents love you and your friends do too. But the sun does not shine off of your ass. Yes, you might have a good career, have never been married, independent homeowner and you go to the gym. Okay. But all of that doesn’t mean shit in a relationship. They’re good things to have sure and marvelous additions. But that’s not the core of a relationship.

Understanding, empathy, listening skills, good communication, conflict resolution, humor, passion, and a whole list of other life-long characteristics are what’s far more important in the long run.

I hate, hate, hate when people say, “I want to date someone on my level”. Who the fuck are you? For real? That level of…



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