5 First Date Questions that Build Chemistry!

Trey Hamilton
5 min readJun 20, 2022

Badoo recently released a survey taking a look at how couples realize chemistry on first dates. I love online dating surveys as I feel like it’s accurate non-performative data that you can get some great insights into.

Yes, you guessed it. One of the constant complaints heard from first daters is small talk. That insipid, generic, repetitive conversation we’ve all been a part of when it comes to first dates. Here are some of the metrics

  • 57% of daters find it difficult to know what questions to ask when they first start speaking to someone
  • 62% say it’s because they feel pressure to ask a good question or kickstart a robust conversation
  • 50% say it’s because they’re nervous
  • 32% of daters, it’s hard to decipher what they should be asking in order to get to know the person
  • 30% of daters have experienced a first date in which they’ve not been asked a single question
  • Badoo found that, on average, single people go on five first dates before they find someone they have chemistry with.
  • 84% believe asking the right questions is hugely vital in seeing whether you have chemistry with someone.

Well, my friends, you would be correct in that assumption. Asking the right questions can get you from an average first date to sparking incredible long-lasting emotions both of you might not have had in a long time. This is my fondest and most sincere wish for you!

Asking the right questions is tricky because the reality is that the right questions and their emotional triggers might be different for everyone. I want to give you some questions that work on the balance of probability. Essentially they should work 70% of the time.

A lot of people I consult with have seen massive success with these questions. I’m going to share 5 with you!

1. Figure out attraction levels: “What is it about my profile that stood out to you?”

Why it will work: This is wonderful to figure out what their initial attraction was and build upon that; it gives you a small window into what things attract them in general. It also cheekily sets…

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