If this person physically abused you, is a criminal, used you purely for sexual purposes, and had other people they were seeing at the same time. Don’t bother. Save yourself some time

Did I make the right decision? Was this an argument of passion that could have been fixed…

Trust your own dating instincts…

Time and time again, I try and give people the benefit of the doubt. But when my heart tells me not to do so and I do it anyway. That’s where I’m punished. Go by your hunch! That feeling for sharp intuition. …

Tips that I guarantee you will get a 2nd date!

1. Keep the conversation going

People love it when someone can hold their own be full of a scintillating back and forth! Replying with great fully thought-out questions and responding to what the other person said is a great way to gauge interest. When the…

Ah, dating 10 years ago. If you liked someone guess what you did.

You told them.

Here’s where it gets exciting. If they liked you there would be no games, no “low key feeling you”. They would just come out and say it. Imagine that.

But these days, dating is…

Trey. E

Author - The First Date Fix, Dating Coach, Dating Enthusiast, follow me for some ramblings of a millennial who has dated. A LOT! TheFirstDateFix.Com

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