Beauty isn’t really as “subjective,” as people keep saying.

Trey Hamilton
14 min readSep 18, 2023

I’m kinda bored of hearing statements that people hear once by some armchair therapist with no qualifications and then proceed to bash the same point or term down our throats for months on end cause it’s “trending”.

In this case, people keep saying, “beauty is subjective.”

No, it isn’t.

It never really has been. I hate that notion cause it sets average-looking people up for failure.

We live in a clown world currently.

Where people will lie to your face to pacify your feelings and pat themselves on the back so they can feel like a “good person.” They’ll tell you things that are either significantly false or gloss over reality, staring you right in the face like a brand-new puppy begging you for food.

One thing that always used to annoy me was when people would gripe about “beauty being in the eye of the beholder.”

Why did it annoy me?

It was the year of 2014. “Fat Trey” (Me) would be told all the time how nice I am, how sweet I am, and how I’m going to make some lucky girl super happy.

Me: “Okay , lets go on a date?.”

You can guess the answer.



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