Bumble is pivoting. Apparently, women don’t really want equality as much as they say.

Or the mental energy to go through the slog of actually making the first move.

Trey Hamilton
16 min readMay 30, 2024


Cause most women, much like men, have “NO GAME”. Their game is shakier than a Jenga tower on a brand-new trampoline.

Where’s the empowerment?

Gen-Z and millennial women are apparently going backward.

From female empowerment to a surprising pivot.

I can’t lie; I definitely chuckled when I heard this news.

(Disclaimer: I’m gonna be a little petty in this article; there’ll be something productive at the end, but the pettiness is jest, also, as per usual, strong language and triggering content throughout. If this offends you. Do one.)

It’s not so easy when the shoes on the other foot, is it, ladies? Experience is the best teacher; everyone gets their turn.

Everyone and their mum is talking about Bumble right now.


Cause they’re rebranding. The famous “Make The First Move” tagline is getting a cringy corporate makeover.



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