Dating as a man is truly awful.

Trey Hamilton
8 min readNov 22, 2022

A lot of the time it’s really bad because most people think it isn’t bad for us. The moment I write an article like this there is always some troll that wants to invalidate men's feelings and cite men being evil and committing crimes throughout history. Such a weird comparison to a man who just wants a nice wholesome date.

Such empty bitter rhetoric with no solutions never really makes sense to me.

For all you trolls. There will always be evil men; there will always be assholes and pricks who hate women. I think they suck too; this article is not for them.


Now that’s out of the way.

Most men who want to be taken seriously must have a high social EQ. Ask her out on a date. Logistically plan the date. Pay for the date. Ask her out on a 2nd date. Initiate any kind of consensual intimacy. And many other antiquated traditions most people want to select and hold onto. People don’t really like to illustrate all these traditional male dating roles because it’s ingrained in our society.

Every year women are applauded and celebrated and pushed to make these incredible strides. We love to see it! Sincerely. Women are progressing and evolving. But society still seems to push men into these antiquated roles of dating, and some of these progressive women encourage this “traditional men discourse.”

For some men, even if the slightest thing goes wrong in this process, oftentimes she’ll just go back to her abundance of matches on Bumble or other dating apps they’re on. On top of that, there always seems to be a news piece, article, or social media video admonishing men and telling them how shit they are. When you have an infinite choice of dating options, the game goes from “What did you like about the guy?” to “Find the smallest reason to reject”. This is what a lot of men face now. Some women will look for reasons to disqualify you.

Meanwhile, a lot of GOOD men are just trying to find love. They really are.

The heavy lifting just gets old after a while for a lot of men. Not every man has the mental fortitude…



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