First date spins that seem like a good idea… but aren’t!

Trey Hamilton
6 min readJun 9, 2022

If you asked a bunch of people a question on the Steve Harvey show and he took a survey of say, 150 people and he asked them what scares them about the thought of a first date a lot of them would say first date nerves.

In my experience consulting, giving dating advice, writing a book, and researching dating and relationships every day, I’ve seen some pretty silly ideas and hot takes on what to do on a first date to calm those nerves. Some by “dating experts” with over 500,000 followers!

So here are some first-date ideas that might seem like they’re great in theory. But they’re absolutely atrocious in real life!

1.Making it a group outing by inviting friends

I also roll my eyes at this. They used to tell us to do shit like this at church camp to make sure we’re “not alone,” and our hands don’t go to places they shouldn’t.

But some people try and pull this crap a lot more than you think. They get a little nervous, so they suggest a group date. What ends up transpiring is either the two people who actually wanted to meet like their friends instead, other people feel left out of key convos, and most people feel weird and awkward. If someone doesn’t have the emotional maturity or courage to go on a first date alone, is that someone who you want to be with?

2. Getting drunk on too much booze

A classy meeting at a nice bar for a drink or two is a great idea. You both get to show off your lovely outfits and flirt the night away.

Getting smashed on jaeger bombs and talking so loud and aggressively you’re spitting in their face. NO. (Yes, that was me 10 years ago, sorry). Yes, a drink or two is good for alleviating slight pressure or anxiety. But drinking too much doesn’t lead to a real genuine connection. Remember, you’re trying to find the perfect balance of having fun but also getting real. Ending the night throwing up on your date is a nightmare you can’t wake up from. Trust me.

Trey Hamilton

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