One Simple Trick To Make You Irresistibly Charming

Trey Hamilton
6 min readAug 12

Have you ever been in a group setting, a work meeting, or a family event, and there’s that one person who’s so damn charming you can’t help but love them and wonder how on earth they are so bloody charming!

Or how often do you watch a celebrity interview and find yourself captivated not only by their work but by their presence, their grace, and their innate ability to charm the whole audience? There’s a quality in some individuals that transcends mere attractiveness or status, reaching into the very heart of charisma.

You can be that guy! Your smiles, laughter, and genuine warmth can find a way to be relentlessly unleashed! Provide other men with a masterclass in the art of charisma. Because in a world flooded with artificial intelligence, the genuinely charismatic man is like a white-hot spark that sets any soul in close proximity aflame. They don’t just light up a room; they ignite a long-lasting passion in others that no one else can replicate.

The Nuance of a Genuine Smile

Yes, I know it’s a little bit of a cliche, and everyone tells you to smile. But there’s a nuance I want to help you see.

A beaming and frequent smile that lights up your face is a huge dating arsenal. Studies have shown that we unconsciously detect genuine smiles by looking at the eyes, searching for that subtle flexion in the muscles (Ekman et al., 1987). Learn how to harness your genuine smile, coupled with your willingness to find humor in everything, is not about manipulation; it’s about connection. Women will find you more relatable and realize you don’t have a stick up your ass like most fake alphas out there because being a fake alpha with a stick up your behind is like being a human kebab at a BBQ party: rigid, grotesque, uncomfortable, and nobody’s first choice. A genuine smile, on the other hand, is the burger everyone wants — warm, inviting, and universally loved.

Mmmm. I love a good burger.

A Willingness to Laugh

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