Stupid, dumb, and wholely unoriginal dating rules that need to die a terrible death.

Trey Hamilton
5 min readJun 17, 2024

I usually hate conventional social dynamic rules.

Not because I’m trying to be contrarian but because I’m pretty straight down the line and direct and don’t like bullshit, cowardly small talk, pussyfooting around the issues, and or dancing around what I want.

I just find honesty far less exhausting than the dance of societal evasion. I’ve found that honesty paves the shortest route to true understanding.

Things like

  • Passive aggressiveness.
  • Someone asking me for a favor but not being direct with what they actually want.
  • People infer something but do not have the hairy balls to say it with their chests.
  • People who text or type nonsense but change their tone when you speak on the phone or face-to-face
  • Meeting someone, and they say, “What do you do”. (I always say I work at Mcdonalds)

But the social dynamic rules of dating are much, much worse, and despite how egalitarian people claim to be or want, people still try and enforce and live by these dumb as fucking rules as if it’s gospel. Liberation is professed, but conformity is practiced.



Trey Hamilton

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