The best time to text her after a first date?

Trey Hamilton
7 min readJun 10, 2024

When do you text her after a first date?

Is there really the best time, or is it all a bunch of bullshit dating guru propaganda?

Dating advice is often a maze of myths; finding the right path is your own journey. Authenticity is your best guide, not prescriptive rules. Because true wisdom lies in trusting your own instincts over shitty popular opinions.”

A few years ago I was talking to a friend about texting back this girl he had gone on a date with, and he laughed at me like a crazed hyena.

Vince: “Dude, are you crazy! You never text a girl after the first date until at least 3 days. Holy shit, are you for real!?”

Me: “What!? And who told you that?”

Vince: “Just the rules man.”

Me: “Okay, and how’s that worked out for you?”

Vince: “Haha ya know, I do pretty well for myself.”

Me: “That’s not really an answer, bruv! I’m for real, how’s it worked out for you?”

Vince: “Meh, it’s hit and miss, to be honest, but I’m not tryna be thirsty.”

The conversation continued, but ultimately, I was perplexed. Had I been doing it wrong the whole time? Do women like being ignored for a few days so I can show I’m not “Thirsty”? So…



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