Why Don’t Men Want Relationships Anymore!? : Part 2 — Hookups

Trey Hamilton
5 min readJun 29, 2022

Men Don’t want relationships anymore due to hookup culture.


“They created it!?”

You might say that, but did you know only 10% of males on dating apps are really involved and consistently hooking up with women.

So the rest hate hook-up culture and just want a girlfriend. But these days there’s no telling if the woman you date is currently a part of that culture or has a few years of participating in it. That’s not to slut shame or anything, everyone has the freedom to do as they wish, but a lot of men just aren’t about that. In fact, most men don’t even have that much sex at all.

Let’s go back in time for a quick second, before hookup culture if a man wanted intimacy, he had to full-on marry a woman in order to gain access to sex. He had to get down on one knee and give the ultimate form of investment.

But now in 2022, all that is necessary can be as little as a match with a girl on a dating app and employ a few copy-paste texts.

Remember this only works for the top 10 to 15%.

If commitment is no longer required, then it only makes sense that men will stop chasing relationships and choose the path of least resistance. What some might call empowerment others to call a perfectly good reason as to why they don’t have to commit. I once went on a first date with a woman who actually told me she’s kinda hooking up with this guy and she’s waiting for the right guy to prove to her a relationship is worth it. You could imagine that I wasn’t too hot on the idea of potentially…



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