Why Women Won’t Settle for Mediocre, Average, Loser Men!

Trey Hamilton
16 min readMay 25, 2024

Women are opting to be single fellas, single by choice!!!!

Cue the suspenseful music.

We’re quaking in our Nike Blazers.

This is as bleak as a biscuit without tea.

But hold on a minute.

It seems like the gents are joining the solo club, too! And apparently, we’ve become a picky bunch as well.

What’s the universe trying to tell us!?


This is a majority of the modern self-victimized cry babies who no longer want to date cause of bad experiences they might have had. They’ve thrown in the towel, too bruised by past dating flops to step back into the ring.

Well, Boo-fuckin-hoo.

You think you’re the only one who’s had their hearts broken a few times? Get in line; we’ve all had our love lives go up in flames.

(Disclaimer: I know how a lot of you like to go to the extreme of examples for everything, so please let me be extensively clear, this doesn’t include victims of sexual assault, violent partners, or felonies people have experienced at the hands of dating.)

Pride and stubbornness are your own doing.



Trey Hamilton

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